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Data Diligence: A Solution For Pipeline Monitoring Problems

Dec 13

From increasing safety and improving efficiency to complying with PHMSA and DOT regulations, quality monitoring is essential for all pipeline operators. Yet, many operators are faced with difficulties managing pipeline assets in robust databases...

Challenges & Solutions for High Consequence Area Analysis

Dec 08

Pipeline operators have a duty to their employees, their communities and the environment to keep their operations as safe as possible. This means regularly monitoring and inspecting high consequence areas (HCAs) to minimize the risk of leaks or...

Ensuring Safety: Achieving safe and secure pipeline facilities through regulatory compliance.

Oct 13

Industrial safety is always important, but the stakes are especially high if you manage a pipeline. While pipelines are the safest methods for transporting oil and natural gas, they face a number of serious threats. If you fail to keep these...

Savvy Standards: What It Means To Be ISO 9001 Certified

Sep 21

Finding suppliers you trust is essential for business success, but given the number of factors that contribute to quality, this can be easier said than done. International standards simplify the vetting process, giving you a clear metric for...

Control Room Team Identification and Training

Sep 08

In January 2017, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) changed the scope of the regulations surrounding pipeline operators’ Control Room Management (CRM) programs. Let's take a closer look at the new regulations...

Furnishing Fuel: Can We Expand Our Pipelines Safely?

Sep 01

Recently pipelines have been regularly showcased in the news; however, barely any of this coverage highlights the incredible innovations that have been made to safety and quality assurance since America started building its pipeline...

Pipeline Protection: Cybersecurity Tips to Defend Your Control Room

Aug 07

Cybersecurity is important in any business, but few industries represent a greater risk than oil and gas. Due to the value and volatility of what they contain, pipelines are a prime target for terrorists and others seeking to disrupt American...

Under Pressure: Maintaining Pipeline Integrity and Safety

Jul 08

Operators are faced with a growing market demand for the gas they transport from the wellhead to the burner tip. Increasing throughput is essential to meeting these growing needs. However, achieving those higher pressures to accomplish the...

Monitoring pipelines from the sky

Jun 26

Pipeline operators are required to meet federal and state safety regulations, with regulatory frequency depending on oil or gas lines. The presence of High Consequence Areas (HCAs) and the Potential Impact Radius (PIR) created from the product in...

Mitigating Pipeline Corrosion

May 19

An operator’s worst fear is a leak or rupture in their pipeline. Excavation damage (mechanical damage, dents, gouges, etc.) are one of the leading causes of pipeline incidents; however, external and internal corrosion can result in significant...

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