Why do we pressure test pipelines?

Nov 23

Pressure testing, especially hydrostatic pressure testing is used to determine and verify pipeline integrity of its welds and joints. In fact. pressure testing is assumed to be the best alternative to determine integrity of a pipeline in place of...

Asset Maintenance & Health Assessment

Nov 14

Tired of reading asset maintenance articles that always seem to say the same thing, but still leave you wondering what good are they? Then perhaps it is time to take in a new perspective. It may sound strange, but the answer is in the questions.

Ensuring Safety: Achieving safe and secure pipeline facilities through regulatory compliance.

Oct 13

Industrial safety is always important, but the stakes are especially high if you manage a pipeline. While pipelines are the safest methods for transporting oil and natural gas, they face a number of serious threats. If you fail to keep these...

High Performance Through Top-down and Bottom-up Work Management

Oct 05

If you recall, the scenario presented in our previous post resulted in a few questions:

  • What determines if an organization should use top-down or bottom-up planning methods, or how to integrate both methods?
  • How to develop an end-to-end process...

Savvy Standards: What It Means To Be ISO 9001 Certified

Sep 21

Finding suppliers you trust is essential for business success, but given the number of factors that contribute to quality, this can be easier said than done. International standards simplify the vetting process, giving you a clear metric for...

Control Room Team Identification and Training

Sep 08

In January 2017, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) changed the scope of the regulations surrounding pipeline operators’ Control Room Management (CRM) programs. Let's take a closer look at the new regulations...

Furnishing Fuel: Can We Expand Our Pipelines Safely?

Sep 01

Recently pipelines have been regularly showcased in the news; however, barely any of this coverage highlights the incredible innovations that have been made to safety and quality assurance since America started building its pipeline...

Maximizing Work Management for Multiple Work Streams and Ever-Changing Workloads

Aug 31

The first three posts on work management in the utility industry have focused on the core foundation of developing a successful work management plan, and touched on the importance of utilizing the proper systems to execute the plan. For...

Pipeline Protection: Cybersecurity Tips to Defend Your Control Room

Aug 07

Cybersecurity is important in any business, but few industries represent a greater risk than oil and gas. Due to the value and volatility of what they contain, pipelines are a prime target for terrorists and others seeking to disrupt American...

Database Transparency & Availability: Creating One Version of the Truth

Jul 25

Although records management seems relatively straightforward, several issues can easily occur. As a result of mergers, acquisitions, and other changes, databases are often decentralized and lack proper visibility, causing multiple versions of the...

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