My gis_nado is..

Mar 11

Viewing Coordinate Data from PODS in Google Earth

Feb 29
One of the best things about PODS is that the standard does not depend on any particular GIS technology. The software engineer is left to decide exactly how PODS should be spatialized. As it turns out, this can be a rather complicated process.  One...

How to query events on a particular route in PODS

Feb 02

A PODS relational database can be a tricky thing to query especially if you are not familiar with the complicated joins and flags that normally accompany such a complex and rich data model.  In this case, I will show how to construct a query for a...

Eagle's Midstream Business Article

Mar 20

Be sure to check out Eagle's article in the March issue of Midstream Business. Our very own Tracy Thorleifson wrote about NTSB's new safety regulations.

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