Maintaining Integrity: Risk based Strategies for Asset Integrity

Jul 21

A maintenance strategy based on risk is a suitable approach for all types of assets from refinery plants to pipelines. Risk is defined as the sum of the probability of failure (PoF) and the consequence (CoF) resulting from that failure. The...

Under Pressure: Maintaining Pipeline Integrity and Safety

Jul 08

Operators are faced with a growing market demand for the gas they transport from the wellhead to the burner tip. Increasing throughput is essential to meeting these growing needs. However, achieving those higher pressures to accomplish the...

Leveraging IMP and DIMP to Achieve Operational Excellence with PIMS

Apr 13

PIMS (Pipeline Integrity Management System) is a management system which is a systematic approach designed to effectively manage and reduce risk with a closed loop approach allowing for constant improvement. Depending on the solution provider of...

The Right Formula for Work Management

Mar 27

Safety ALL the time, EVERY time!!

Mar 14

Safety, Airplanes and Pipelines

Feb 20

Have you ever flown in an airplane? 

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