Furnishing Fuel: Can We Expand Our Pipelines Safely?

Sep 01

Recently pipelines have been regularly showcased in the news; however, barely any of this coverage highlights the incredible innovations that have been made to safety and quality assurance since America started building its pipeline...

Changing Your Safety Culture…Expect Resistance

Jan 06

How would you define a positive safety culture? 

Pipeline Blog: Three (3) Reasons Why a Strong PSMS Helps to Build the Foundation for a Positive Safety Culture

Dec 09

A pipeline safety management system (PSMS) can improve consistent expectations, verify understanding of requirements, meet legal requirements and assist in overall planning.  With successful implementation, companies may benefit from an improved...

Pipeline Blog: Why a Pipeline Safety Management System (PSMS) is Not Enough to Keep You Safe

Nov 27

You can write policies and procedures for every scenario in your company, hold countless well intentioned safety meetings, meticulously prepare and pass safety audits, but are you moving beyond those policies and procedures, meetings and audits to...

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