Proposed NPMS Revisions: What They Mean for Operators

Oct 04


NPMS data submission standards are being revised by PHMSA.


On June 22, 2016, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) published their latest update1 on proposed revisions to data submission requirements for the ...

Viewing Coordinate Data from PODS in Google Earth

Feb 29
One of the best things about PODS is that the standard does not depend on any particular GIS technology. The software engineer is left to decide exactly how PODS should be spatialized. As it turns out, this can be a rather complicated process.  One...

How to query events on a particular route in PODS

Feb 02

A PODS relational database can be a tricky thing to query especially if you are not familiar with the complicated joins and flags that normally accompany such a complex and rich data model.  In this case, I will show how to construct a query for a...

Using ArcMap to Load APDM/PODS ESRI Spatial Online Features

Nov 15

In the last post we discussed pros and cons of event- and feature-based implementations of the APDM. Here, in the last post of this series, we concentrate on actually loading features (facilities data, etc.) into the geodatabase.

Feature-based and Event-based Implementations of the APDM

Nov 11

In the last post we unveiled a free tool to load centerline features (LineLoop, StationSeries and ControlPoint) in a PODS ESRI Spatial 5.0 or APDM 5.0 geodatabase and wrapped up the topic of centerline loading. It's almost time to actually load...

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