Safety Management & the Five Pitfalls that Lead to Accidents

May 30

The Energy industry, particularly the pipeline industry, operates around hazardous situations at all times. If an accident occurs, it can have a serious impact not just on the workers on-site but the local communities.

Pitfall 2 – "Wiggle Room" in Systems and Procedures

Apr 25

This blog is the second in a series of five pitfalls associated with management of major hazards. Each pitfall, if not avoided, could lead to a disaster – so please make notes and weave some or all of my recommendations into your safety...

Don't Let the Absence of Quantifying Risks be a Pitfall to the Success of your Operations

Mar 31

The energy and utility sectors can be home to dangerous places to work. From offshore oil and gas facilities, through onshore gas plants and refineries to the end user via gas pipelines significant hazards are nearby. Although companies take...

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