Maximizing Work Management for Multiple Work Streams and Ever-Changing Workloads

Aug 31

The first three posts on work management in the utility industry have focused on the core foundation of developing a successful work management plan, and touched on the importance of utilizing the proper systems to execute the plan. For...

Pipeline MAOP Gets a Data Management Upgrade

Jul 14

Your department has noticed recently how difficult it is to locate information and critical pipeline data to confirm MAOP for your assets. In addition, your company has recently acquired new assets that also will need to be addressed. Sound...

The Essentials of an Effective Work Management Solution

Jun 30

Our last post discussed one of the first stages in work management: determining the portfolio of work that must be executed, and drafting a roadmap that will take this portfolio from initiation through completion. By completing these steps, you...

Knowing the Work – Starting the Road Map for Better Work Management

May 03

Previously, I provided a high-level overview of a formula for successful work and resource management. Taking the right data to generate the right feedback is key to knowing the work, and knowing the work is key to placing the right resources, in...

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